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You are the First to Know - Advance Press Release to Subscribers and Viewers of Thundermist Fishing Tips

Thundermist Lure Company presents… the “Perfect Series”, their new line of innovative fishing tackle! The Perfect Series will contain Thundermist Lure Company’s very own new, innovative fishing tackle and/or our own new twists on existing fishing tackle. The first product to be launched (soon – in the coming weeks) in the Thundermist Lure Company’s Perfect Series will be an exciting new

If the video does not load, you can view it here: The T-Turn

3-way swivel called the “T-Turn” and we are very excited about its release, because it will be a welcomed addition to the anglers tackle box!

Consider these great features, benefits and applications.

Highlights/Benefits of the “T-Turn”


  1. Greatly reduces line twist
  2. A pleasure to fish with
  3. No frustrations
  4. Attractive design
  5. Very effective in helping to catch more fish
  6. Strong / durable / dependable
  7. Makes fishing time more efficient
  8. Greatly reduces tangles
  9. Maximizes lure action

At 55 lb. capacity, the T-Turn contains 3 high quality, smooth performing, rolling swivels, which minimize line twist & maximize action. A premium black nickel finish is somewhat camouflaged and great in both fresh water and salt water.

So many applications for use


  1. Use when trolling
  2. Use when drifting
  3. Use when still-fishing
  4. Use when bottom bouncing
  5. Use while casting
  6. Use with lures
  7. Use with artificial flies
  8. Use with live/cut bait
  9. Use with plastics

Whether casting, drifting or trolling - fishing form a boat or from shore - the T-Turn keeps your line tangle free, even in varying strong currents which keeps your 3-way connection neat and “perfect” every time!

Use it for everything!

Versatile applications:

  • Freshwater, saltwater
  • In current, in calm water
  • Deep or shallow water

Great for all game fish – here are some, just to name a few:

  1. Walleye
  2. Trout - Salmon
  3. Fluke – Flounder
  4. Pike - Musky
  5. Catfish
  6. Freshwater & Salt Water Bass
  7. Weakfish – Sea trout
  8. Red fish
  9. Snook
  10. And so many more!


Recently, while filming a trout episode for the Thundermist Fishing Tips TV show, Ivo was using the T-Turn 3-way swivel, while bottom bouncing streamer flies.

Each cast Ivo made was retrieved in tangle free. It always came in perfect and allowed Ivo to keep fishing. There was an angler beside Ivo, also fishing for trout, who was regularly untangling his line and he noticed that Ivo was never getting tangled.

Ivo approached the angler and showed him the new T-Turn swivel. The angler was very excited to see this new swivel and now realized why Ivo was not having any troubles. He wanted to know where he could get some T-Turns.

Ivo explained to the angler that they are not available yet, as we only have a few production samples, but Ivo gave him one to try.

The angler immediately tied the T-Turn on his line & continued fishing, except this time, each time he reeled his line in, he was tangle free. After numerous casts the angler finally yelled over to Ivo, “these T-Turns are fantastic. I can’t wait to get more… These will sell great!”

Needless to say, Ivo was very happy with the response, and we are very excited about the new, soon to be released T-Turn 3-way swivel, as part of Thundermist Lure Company’s Perfect Series.

Now available at the Thundermist Lure Company Online Store!


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