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When is the best time for striper, fluke and flounder fishing?

Viewer Question: When is the best time for striper, fluke and flounder fishing? Where in RI? And what kind of bait is best to utilize? Robin G.

Hello Robin,

Nice to hear from you.

Striper fishing starts to heat up in May, with May and June being great months to fish…Same goes for Fluke, although be sure to check for when the season opens.

Although you will catch Fluke & Striper all summer long, June is certainly a “hot month” for Striper and Fluke. Once the water begins to warm up, the Striper and Fluke start to move in and the fishing begins to heat up, big time.

For Fluke, the Viper Spoon rigged with Squid is a Fluke Magnet! Fluke simply cannot resist a Viper Spoon rigged with squid. The Size SP3 Viper Spoon will accommodate a strip of squid, where as the size SP4 Viper Spoon has larger hooks and will accommodate a whole squid very nicely.

The Viper Spoons produces a combination of flash and flutter - and when this is combined with squid, Fluke just cannot resist. This set up will catch you plenty of Fluke, and big ones too!

If I had to pick one size for Fluke, it would be the size SP4 - it’s a perfect size which gives off plenty of flash and accommodates larger bait (i.e. a whole squid or nice size strip of cut bait)

If you click here, this will take you to an article and short video which will show you the perfect set up for Fluke

Also, here is a short video catching Fluke in Rhode Island.

For Stripers, we like using the size SP5 Viper Spoon tipped with a whole squid, eel, or small whole mackerel or cut bait strip. This produces a great combination of flash & flutter, which Stripers just attack.

Here is part 1, 2 and 3 of an article on striper tips, which you will find interesting and helpful

Part 1, click here

Part 2, click here (great Striper photo)

Part 3, click here

As for hot spots, block island is a definite hot spot during the summer for Stripers, but we also have had great luck in Narragansett bay, fishing around bridges and the many islands as well, during late May and June.

For Fluke, the waters around whale rock, which is just outside of Narragansett Bay, also produce both quality and quantity of Fluke. There is plenty of structure in this area and this holds nice Fluke. Start in the 60 foot depth range and drift out with the tide. Do a number of drifts, covering different water each time - this is a great spot!

I love fishing for Fluke and Striper and this year I will definitely make a trip to Narragansett Bay, as it is great fishing in RI. Thanks for writing in and good luck on the water!


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