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When And When-Not To Use Braided Fishing Line

Hello again. Last time, I told you about an amazing story where braided fishing line out-fished other fishing lines. This time I’d like to explain when not to use braided fishing line.

When casting lures, the preferred method would be to use a monofilament line, as opposed to a braided fishing line & I’ll explain why.

For example, when casting lures like spinner baits or crank-baits, it is recommended to use a fibreglass rod, as opposed to a stiff graphite rod because the fibreglass rod “flexes’’ & “absorbs” much better than a stiff graphite rod. Well, monofilament does the same. It can absorb shocks & has a fair amount of stretch to it; where as braided line does not. This flexing & absorbing allows for a higher fish catching ratio when cranking.

Why? This is because the braided line with its no-stretch and instant hook-set is too quick to react to the strike. It does not give the fish a chance to inhale the lure. You actually will be pulling the lure away from the fish. With monofilament line and its stretching abilities allows the fish to inhale the lure giving you ample time to react with the hookset.

Further, there is no need for no-stretch line in this application because fish are aggressively attacking the lure you have cast. It’s not like you’re having trouble detecting a bite…

I tried braided line while casting crank baits & my catch ratio was only around 60%. Once I changed to monofilament, my catch ratio went up to 95%.

I would use braided line with a fluorocarbon leader while jigging & use straight monofilament for casting crank baits, spinner baits etc… If I were down-rigging or using planner boards, then I would revert back to the braided line/fluorocarbon set up. This is because you have so much line out, that you need the no-stretch to make up for the distance factor.

Until we talk again, good luck and good fishing!


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