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Viper Spoon Inshore Fishing in Gulf Coast Florida

Viewer Question: “I do a lot inshore fishing in Gulf coast Florida (piers, surf, jetties). I know that the viper spoon was purposely made for the northeastern fisherman, but I would really enjoy using it on my next outing. I regularly fish for snook, sheapshead, snapper, red drum, mackerel, and Pompano. My only problem is that I am unsure of what size to choose and how to use it effectively to catch these specific fish. Any ideas?” - Michael

Hello Michael,

Very nice to hear from you and we are glad you wrote us because the Viper Spoons will work great for you down south. We fished them heavily in the North East, only because it is closer to us, but the Viper Spoons will easily catch those Florida fish you noted below.


In fact, if you check our photo gallery, we did have someone send us some photos from Florida, catching dolphin, barracuda and wahoo. The Viper Spoons are a multi species lure and will catch all kinds of salt water and fresh water fish. You simply tailor the size of the Viper spoon, and the trailing bait, to the species you are seeking - the Viper Spoon will take care of the rest!

In fact, the size SP3 Viper Spoon will accommodate a strip of squid and the size SP4 will accommodate a whole squid very nicely. These are 2 great sizes to use for most salt water game fish - although for the Snook, we would use the largest Viper Spoon (size SP5) as it comes with larger hooks (5/0 Mustad Ultra point hooks).

A strip of squid rigged on a Viper Spoon will provide a great combination of flash, flutter & bait. Squid is a universal salt water bait that will catch you all kinds of fish when rigged on the back of a Viper Spoon.

If you want, you can also use artificial baits & if you choose to, try to use scented artificial baits. This way, you will also be creating a scent trail and fish will find it simply irresistible and they will strike.

So go ahead and give the Viper Spoons a try - you will love using them down in Florida and feel free to send us your Viper Spoon fish photos as we will proudly add them to our Photo gallery!

Until next time, good luck and good fishing,

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