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Video - Tips on Crappie Fishing using Live Minnows

This week Ivo and Antonio take you out for some sunset crappie fishing from a small boat, close to shore.

If this video doesn’t load, you can view it here: Tips on Crappie Fishing using Live Minnows

Ivo shows you some important tips on how to set up your rig specially to catch more crappie.

They use a combination of baits: live minnows, small crankbaits, and even a little tub jig. Though one of them performs the best.

As always, good fishin’!

8 Excellent Responses to “Video - Tips on Crappie Fishing using Live Minnows”

  1. Mike Says:

    Just curious, how deep was the water and do you know the temperature? Keep up the good videos guys, Thanks!

  2. Hello Ivo,
    When I was in Sportsman’s Wearhouse yesterday, I saw a bottle of minnows that were about 2 1/2 inches long. Because we can’t use live minnows in Idaho, are these bottled minnows worth buying?


  3. Hello Mike,

    We did not have any way of noting the water temperature, but the depth in that area was about 8 - 10 feet.

    Glad you are enjoying the videos and thanks for tuning in and for writing in as well.

    Until next time, good luck and good fishing!

  4. Hi Grant,

    The preserved minnows you can buy in a jar will work for you, although not as good as the live minnows. When using the preserved minnows, you will want to toss your line out and move it regularly, in order to give the minnows some action and trigger bites from the crappies.

    Thanks for writing in Grant and good luck on the water!

  5. That was simply awesome! I enjoyed the video to the max. I wonder, have you ever tried fishing in Asian rivers? We do have some nice specimens over here :)

  6. Great to hear from you in Asia Vinodhand and glad you enjoyed the video.

    We have never been to Asia but may make our way over there some day and when we do - we will be certain to get a line wet!

    Thanks for writing in and until next time good luck and good fishing.

  7. Hi Ivo sir, i feel awesome after watching our videos ! you looks very keen and dedicated towards fishing ! i will be fortunate if you will come to India for catching fishes in the river Ganga with me, hope my dream will become the part of reality ! but some dreams are dreams only, they cant become the part of reality !!! thanks for the video,sir !

  8. Hello Zafar,

    Great to hear from you in India and hope you have many great days on the water, fishing the Ganga River :)


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