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Video - The Best Rig for Fluke and Flounder

Viewer Question: What is the best flounder rig, and is live shrimp the best way to catch them?? Ronnie.

We truly feel that a Viper Spoon rigged with a whole squid or cut-bait strip is the ultimate fluke/flounder rig; and you’ll see why. Here are some great tips on how to use the Viper Spoon to catch not only more fluke, but bigger fluke.

Although live shrimp will take fluke/flounder occasionally, you’ll put more fluke/flounder in your boat using cut-bait or squid.

To help you to understand on how the Viper Spoon would work for fluke/flounder, this is what you would do:


You would begin by setting-up your rod consisting of a 3-way swivel. Tie a 2 foot drop line from the swivel down to a 3 ounce (or heavier) sinker.
Tie a 24 to 30 inch leader line from the swivel to your size SP4 Viper Spoon (or alternately, size SP5). Tie the remaining eye of the swivel to the line on the rod.

You can impale an 8 inch whole squid on all hooks. The tail end of the squid should be impaled on the hook closest to the spoon.
You can also use an 8 to 12 inch long strip of cut-bait fish to be impaled on the hooks. Keep the skin on and impale the hooks through the skin (light colored fish skin works better than dark).

When you’re ready to fish, stop your motor and check-out the action of your Viper by submersing it about a foot below the surface. Assuming you have a good drift (no need to troll), your Viper Spoon should be fluttering nicely.


Next drop your rig down to the bottom. Make sure your sinker is in constant contact with the bottom. Your Viper Spoon will be fluttering just off bottom. A fluke/flounder will easily spot the flash of the Viper from a distance and will quickly hone in to investigate.

As the fluke/flounder gets closer to your bait, it will eagerly take your offering. The combination of the Viper’s enticing action & the trailing bait is simply irresistible to fluke/flounder. This is the principle behind the Viper Spoon.

Be sure to use this set up for Fluke and Flounder and you will be certain to catch fish after fish.

You can buy the Viper Spoon direct, right here.

Thanks for writing and good fishing!

(P.S. in about 4 weeks, Thundermist Lure Company will be introducing their very own “Perfect” 3-way swivel, which is ideal for so many applications and would be absolutely ideal for use while fishing for fluke/flounder!)

(P.S.S. here’s a video helping explain the above)

If the video doesn’t load, click here.


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