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Video - The Amazing Action of the New Python Darter!

Hello everyone, we are very excited over here at the Thundermist Lure Company about the launch of our newest product, the Python Darter casting spoon! Check out this action video, you’ll be amazed!

If the video does not load, you can view it here: New and Exciting Casting Spoon by Thundermist Lure Company for 2010 - The Python Darter

We were going to save this video for Thursday, when this new casting spoon is going to be released, but we just couldn’t hold back.

This video gives you some of the highlights of the Python Darter as well as shows you it’s amazing action! The Python Darter is a saltwater and freshwater casting spoon, made to be fished with bait, and is great for many game fish.

In the few hours the video has been up, the positive comments are already flooding in. Here’s some of the recent ones about the Python Darter:

ChristyTV - that action is so lifelike
fl4v0rfu11 - its so pretty!!!!!
TheFishingschool - do you want a midwestern tester?
Dirka13 - looks like it would be good for salmon
asianboy9821 - Man, I have to get that chartreuse color! Deadly on Stripers!

Watch this video and let us know what type of fish you would use the Python Darter to catch!

Make sure you’re ready, because this Thursday June 17th, the Python Darter comes alive!

As always, good fishin!

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