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Video - Ice Fishing for Lake Trout

This week Ivo, Antonio, and Phil are out in the freezing weather ice fishing for those deep water Lake Trout!

If the video does not load you can view it here: Ice Fishing for Lake Trout

They show you how they are fishing, and what bait they are using.

As always, good fishin’!

4 Excellent Responses to “Video - Ice Fishing for Lake Trout”

  1. Grant Says:

    I enjoyed the video.
    I had to laugh when you made the comment that it was about
    zero out there. A nice day.
    Thanks for sending this out to us

  2. Hi Grant,

    Glad you enjoyed the video and that it made you laugh :)
    Thanks for writing in and as always, good luck on the water!

  3. Hi Ivo , I would just like to say thank you for all the tips you have been giving on you tub cause i have learned alot from them . I was wondering if you ice fish for walleye? If you do would you be able to give some feed back on what to use from thundermist luresand if you could post some ice fishing on youtub. That would be great if you could. Thanks so much. From one of your followers :) Mike Collier. From rochester ny

  4. HI Mike,

    Great to hear from you in Rochester NY and glad you are enjoying our videos :) We do have some ice fishing videos and one of them is in fact on walleye - you can find it on our youtube channel.

    As for what Thundermist products to use - if you are using live bait, suggest using the small size T-Turns and run your hook off the “T” part of the T-Turn. If you like to jig (which is extremely effective) the new Flexi Jig is ideal to use and the hook sets are amazing and “solid” - it’s an excellent choice by far. Also, the Boa Jig’r is an excellent choice if you want to rig it with a minnow or chub, as it has a lot of flash and with the added bait, it makes for a great combo.

    Hope you have many great days on the water and best of luck while ice fishing :)


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