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Video - How to Tie 2 Fishing Lines Together - Tying a Uni Knot

Here’s how to tie two fishing lines together using a uni-knot. This uni-knot is a super-strong knot that is guaranteed to not break or slip. This method of tying a uni-knot is excellent when you need to tie a leader line onto your fishing line.

If the video doesn’t load, you can watch it by clicking here: How to Tie a Uni Knot - How to Tie 2 Fishing Lines Together

8 Excellent Responses to “Video - How to Tie 2 Fishing Lines Together - Tying a Uni Knot”

  1. Tony Says:

    Hi Ivo , can you use a uni knot when you are joining fly line to a tapered leader line ?

    Thanks Tony

  2. Jay Says:

    I have been using the uni knot for about two years now. It sure beats fumbling around tying a blood knot.Your demonstration is the best I’ve seen so far. Keep up the great work, also you TV show is excellent. That’s how I found out about the T Turn swivels.

  3. Hi Jay,

    Glad you enjoyed the video & thanks for kind words on our TV show! The T-Turns will be available sometime this week and you are going to absolutely love them.

    thanks again for writing in & we wish you all the best on the water & good fishing!

  4. great video. really helped when i needed for tarpon fishing in fla. thanks.

  5. Hi Bob,

    We are very happy that you enjoyed the video & that it was able to help. Good luck on the water & good luck tarpon fishing in Florida!

  6. Is this method used only to tie leaders on line or can I use it to add more line to what I already have?
    Basically what I’m asking is can I use the uni-knot to add more line to my reel if I run out? I’m using braid.

  7. Hi Alex,

    Yes, you can use the uni-knot to add more line to your existing line on your reel. It is very effective and is a good way for you to “top up” your existing spool of line…good for any line, mono, fluorocarbon, and braid.

    Thanks for writing in - good luck and good fishing!


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