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Video - How To Fish for Carp from a Small Boat

Hello folks, this week we’re fishing for those wonderful freshwater carp. Normally, we fish for carp from shore, however this time we have a little ‘car topper’ aluminum boat which we take out to the middle of a creek where we show you how to fish for carp.

If the video does not load, you can view it here: How To Fish for Carp from a Small Boat

We bait up with canned corn and use bobbers to accomplish a special trick while fishing for carp.

We hope this how to fish for carp video helps you out on your next carp fishing trip!

As always, good luck, and good fishin’!

6 Excellent Responses to “Video - How To Fish for Carp from a Small Boat”

  1. Myth Says:

    I really enjoy watching your videos Ivo!
    I started to fish 2 years ago, and trying to catch a Carp but all i got is Prussian Carp (nobody likes that fish, and that fish don’t even fight when you’re getting it out. It’s like you got a piece of wood on the hook).
    I just can’t get rid of Prussian Carp and catch a real Carp instead. It may be that my rigs are not good enough, but a you say in this video, it’s a very simple rig with a sliding sinker.
    And yeah, I use canned corn, too. Maybe I should try with boila?
    I’m in Croatia, Europe.

  2. And Ivo, what rod lenth would you suggest for this type of fishing? I use 3 meters rod… Maybe the smaller rod would be better?

  3. Hello Myth - great to hear from you in Croatia! Glad you are enjoying our videos and thanks for taking time to write :) You can give boilies a try, but the Prussian carp will also bite them as well. Perhaps you can try a different zone or try a different depth?

    Glad to hear you are getting into fishing and as time goes on, I’m sure things will only get better for you!

    Until next time, good luck and good fishing,


  4. Hello again Myth,

    The longer 3 meter rod is fine for carp as it will allow you to use lighter line if you want and it will also absorb a lot of the power from the fish, which helps avoid your line from snapping.

    However, you can certainly use a 2 or 2 1/2 meter rod as well. The shorter rods do not have the same advantages as the longer ones do, but they are easier to control :)
    Good fishing,


  5. Ivo,
    thanx for advices. Hopefully I will be doing better in the future and get rid of Prussian Carps :D

    One more question…
    Is there a Viper Spoon for surffishing? I mean for fishing from the shore?


  6. Hi Myth,

    Regarding the Viper Spoon, they are a very light flutter spoon so they are ideal for trolling and/or drifting. They do get a bit heavier when you add your trailing bait, so you can cast them, but you may need to add in in-line sinker or a split shot about a foot in front of your Viper Spoon to help get casting distance and depth. The Python Darter on the other hand, is actually designed for casting :)


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