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Video - Cooking Shrimp and Fish on the BBQ - A Great Recipe for Barbecuing Seafood

Our readers have been asking us to publish another fish recipe, so this time we would like to concentrate on grilling fish. The recipe I am sharing with you today is extremely simple & absolutely fantastic!

If the video doesn’t load, you can view it here: Cooking Shrimp and Fish on the BBQ

This recipe is a marinade that you baste over top of your fish when grilling.

Simply place your fish on a hot grill & then with a brush, baste this marinade over top of your fish.

Do this many times. After a few minutes, turn your fish over and continue to baste the marinade on this side – many times.

Continue to baste your fish until you have used up all the marinade. Once your fish is cooked, remove from the grill & serve hot.

It’s that simple. Here’s the recipe for the marinade:

  1. Juice of one lemon (Note: it’s best to use the juice from a fresh lemon, as compared to purchased lemon juice)
  2. 5 – 7 tablespoons of olive oil
  3. 2 cloves of garlic, minced
  4. Salt & black pepper to taste
  5. Put all above ingredients in a small bowl & whisk them all together
  6. For best results, let stand for ½ hour to allow the flavors to emulsify

Here’s another tip to use the above, which you will absolutely love.

Take some shrimp & put them on a skewer (shrimp-ka-bobs).

Put the shrimp on a hot grill & baste both sides with the above marinade, until the shrimp are cooked. Remove and serve hot.

Chances are, this will be the best shrimp you will ever serve – they turn out to be absolutely delicious!

This is such a simple recipe which is fast and easy to prepare. The bonus being that it will make your grilled fish, or shrimp, amazing.

Try it – you will not be disappointed.

Until next time, Bona Petit!


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PS: Let us know how this recipe works for you!

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