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The Boatless Angler - Chapter 1 - Species Targeting

All anglers at some time or another have experienced fishing from shore and know the challenges this type of fishing can bring. In many cases, fishing from shore is an anglers only option, therefore an e-book containing tips, tactics, and how to information is being put together dedicated to the “boatless angler”. But you get it first, one part at a time.

The Boatless Angler
Part 1: Species Targeting

A typical shore angler when going fishing usually grabs their tackle box drives to water and start wetting their line. A person walks by and asks them, “any luck?”….. “nope”….. “whatcha’ fishin’ for anyways?”….. “anything that bites”. The reason why they are having no luck is the fact that they are fishing for anything that bites!

Species targeting is one of the basic key features an angler from shore must do first before heading out to the water. Knowing what you’re fishing for will make the difference from having “no luck” to having a great successful fishing day. Of course, to be able to know what you’re fishing for requires some background knowledge, and this boatless angler series will show you the ropes!

First Thing You Want To Do

The first thing you want to do is find out what type of fish are in the body of water you are planning to fish in. The next step is to species target; choose something to go fishing for. Depending on the species you choose, they themselves require a bit of studying up on.

What does that species eat? (ex. Crawfish, minnows, snails, insects, etc…) What type of water does the species prefer? (Calm, weedy, murky, fast moving, etc…) Do they live near shore, or is their a specific time I can catch them near shore? (ex. At night, in the spring, during spawning, etc…).

These are key questions that knowing the answer to will help you catch more fish from shore and this boatless angler series will put it all in perspective!

The Most Important Question To Know The Answer To

The most important question you must ask is, “does the species I’m fishing for have a territorial or migratory feeding habit?” The answer to this question will let you know the type of fishing style you should be doing. For example, if you’re fishing for a territorial fish like bass, you as the angler from shore must do the migrating around the shoreline to catch many fish.

This means, casting along the shoreline and constantly moving as the fish do not. On the flip side, if you are fishing for a migrating feeding fish such as carp, you can hold your territory and wait for the fish to come to you, therefore you can grab a seat and still fish.

When fishing from shore, species targeting has proven to be most productive, not only because you catch more of the fish your fishing for, but also the fact that your learning about the species and learning the fishing tactics to catch them. Soon enough, you have targeted many species and are equipped to really tackle some boatless fishing!

So the next time someone comes and asks you, “whatcha’ fishin’ for?”…your going to have an answer for them!


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