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The Boatless Angler - Chapter 9 - Fall Salmon Fever

When the leaves begin to turn, the shore fishermen know one thing: it’s time to get out the hip waders and target those big spawning salmon!

Salmon fishing is often considered an art occupying various styles and techniques unique to every fisherman.

Just to name a few, there is fly fishing, float fishing, drift fishing, still fishing, and the most common method, spoon casting. In this Chapter of the boatless angler we will lay out the tips and techniques to improve your spoon casting for fall salmon!

Which spoons to choose?


There are a million spoons to choose from, small, big, light, heavy, glow in the dark, etc… so which is the right spoon? Well, everyone as we know have their favourite spoons, but some of the better ones for salmon is in fact the lighter more flutter spoon styles.

They do come however with the cost of not being able to cast far distances, but they have the advantage of more control, they always produce a good action, and you have less chance of getting snagged up.

If you are fishing at night, you may want to try glow in the dark spoons to add that extra bit of flash but they are not necessary as salmon are able to see very well at night.

How to cast and retrieve your spoons


When casting your spoon from shore, make sure you cast upstream if fishing in current and wait for your spoon to flutter close to the bottom.

The amount of time to wait is based on the depth of the water you are fishing.

When close to the bottom, begin to retrieve your spoon slowly and then gradually speed up until you are able to feel the back and forth wobble of the spoon, this will mark the ideal speed for your spoon.

If retrieved to quickly, you risk overshooting the appropriate speed necessary for maximum action and in turn will make a good day’s fishing into a bad one.

Keep in mind that all spoons have their own point of best action at different speeds, so with this gradual increasing speed retrieve you can find this point every time and trigger more strikes in the process.

What to add to your spoon for more salmon strikes!


As we all know, scent is something all fish go for, but it is particularly difficult to add scent to a spoon and have it stay on cast after cast. But I have the solution that will get you your scent on your spoon and guarantee more salmon strikes!

The secret is in fact salmon row itself. Take a few eggs, break them on your spoon and spread the scent all over the spoon and hooks. Let this dry for about 30 to 60 seconds before casting.

The broken salmon eggs in combination with the water will create a thick scent filled film on your spoon that will last cast after cast!

Also, keep in mind another method to add scent to your spoon and that is using the Viper Spoon with plastic scented baits or live or cut bait as well! Try these scent methods and you will see for yourself that you will have more salmon at the end of your line that you ever had!


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