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The Boatless Angler - Chapter 6.2 - Accessories for Ice Fishing!

Now that we have covered the rods and reels of ice fishing, there are a few other key aspects that make for a better experience and also help you catch more fish!

Gearing up for Ice Fishing

Part 2: Clothes and Accessories


-Survival Suit

survival-suitLayers, layers, layers; everyone knows the rule about layering up to stay warm. Nowadays there is a new type of layer that I recommend purchasing and that is, the survival suit.

A survival suit not only will keep you warm by providing a thick insulated layer, but it also blocks out the wind, it is 100% water proof, it itself is a built in life jacket, and you can get a feature where you can be located by GPS! The survival suit can run pretty expensive so make sure you keep an eye on all the sales because they do become affordable.

-Overshoe Boots

bootsOne thing that all ice fishermen can relate to and often have is COLD FEET, literally! No matter how many layers of socks you put on, they just do not seem to get warm. The issue there is the fact that it’s the wrong type of layering, your feet need more than just socks.

The best way to keep your feet warm is to get rubber overshoe boots or galoshes as they are sometimes called. This way you can wear a couple pairs of socks, put your feet in a running shoe and then slip the whole shoe in the rubber boot. You’ll never have cold feet again!

Basic Accessories


augerFirst things first, if you’re cutting your hole with an ice pick or chipping away with an axe, get an auger.

The auger is one piece of equipment every ice fisherman should have; you can cut holes in no time, and you can cut many helping you get where the fish are.

-Ice hut

ice-hutAnother thing that helps you catch fish is an ice fishing hut. There are many different types of ice fishing huts but all you need is something to block the wind and keep the cold out.

This allows you to concentrate on fishing as your hole and your line don’t freeze up.

Fancy Accessories!

-Underwater cam

underwaterNow if you want to get fancy you can get yourself an underwater camera that will let you see the fish you are fishing for!

Although seeing the fish is fantastic and interesting, it is not very effective as you can only see a portion of the water column and some fisherman even argue that the camera itself scare the fish.

Nonetheless, it can teach you a lot about what’s going on down there below your feet.


This piece of equipment is among the oldest technologies but it in fact is a great tool in locating fish. You are able to see the entire water column on your flasher providing you with accurate depths of where the fish are located. Also, if you crank up the sensitivity you are able to see your bait on the flasher as well. This will allow you to place your bait at the exact depth of where the fish are marked!

These are the basic hints to get your ice fishing started, so go out there on the hard water and get those fish!


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