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The Absolute Best Time to go Fishing

There are many different publications which predict best times to go fishing and there’s always talk about the biggest fish being caught on a full moon. Well, here’s a quick look at some of the best times to go fishing, summarized in 5 points.

Evening – Daytime – Morning

Fish will bite all day long; however, they are definitely more active during the morning & evenings. A lot of anglers like to get up at the crack of dawn & get out on the water and this is great. But for those of you who like to sleep in, there’s just as much good fishing to be had in the evenings!

Nice Sunny days – Cloudy/Rainy days

It’s always a pleasure to go fishing on a nice day. The sun is shining and we feel good. The fishing could also be good – but fishing during cloudy days or rainy days, usually is better. This is because in general, fish are more active during low light conditions, so be sure to get yourself a good rain suit and get ready to catch more fish.

Windy days vs. Calm days

As a boater, to much wind can be a problem where as from shore, it’s not an issue. In general though, fishing while there is a bit of wind is better than no wind. Wind gets fish activated and turns them on the bite.

Absolute best time to go Fishing

The absolute best time to go fishing would be just before a bad weather front moves in. Fish can sense that the weather front is coming and once the bad weather arrives, fish tend to shut down.

So prior to that, they go on a feeding binge. They know they are going to shut down due to the bad weather front, so they want to eat as much as possible prior to it arriving. This is an outstanding time to fish. You will catch both quality and quantity.

If you are fishing from a boat during this time, one point of caution would be to get off the water in time; before the weather front actually arrives…timing is everything.

Winter – Spring – Summer – Fall

Fishing during the winter can be good, especially if you are fortunate to be able to ice fish. First ice & last ice are always best for fishing. In general, spring & fall are typically better than summer.

Just for Laughs

For me, it turns out that no matter when I get out fishing, it seems that the best time to get a bite is usually when I start eating my lunch! Until next time, good fishing.



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