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Success: Small But Powerful, the Python Darter

Hello again from CT. I was able to sneak out yesterday for a few hours and immediately tied on a gold 3/8 oz Python Darter that you recently sent me. I just love the way that thing moves in the water, especially once I place a 4 inch white plastic worm on the hook. The thing is deadly…see attached.

This time of the year the fishing pretty much sucks here in Long Island Sound. We are just beginning to hear about reports of false albacore coming into the area which is hopeful because the big striped bass are just not here yet. Big bluefish are still around so that’s really all the guys are fishing for now.

I took my best buddy, Jose and his 4 year old son, Aiden out. Fishing was slow….tide was dropping fast and we were almost at dead low which sucks for fishing here. The water has to be moving to be really productive as you know. So, I cast my 7’ medium action rod with the Python Darter up by some rocks and began a slow, steady retrieve.

All of a sudden, one of the most ferocious hits that I can remember occurred and the line on the Penn reel started to sing that magical song.

This fish hit so hard and ran so fast that I was sure it was a big bluefish. Then I felt his head shaking (the wonders of braid) and knew it was the right kind. He didn’t give up and fought for a good 5-8 minutes before Jose could snap this low quality photo with my Blackberry camera.

I revived this 22 incher and he swam away as aggressively as when I met him. He was nice treat on a slow day and I owe it all to Thundermist’s Python Darter. I will be sure to tell the guys at my boat club about this new lure and obviously my editors as well.

Keep up the good work and please tell Toronto to stop being a thorn in the Yankees side! Man, what a good series. I’m going to the Yankee game Monday night and I cant wait!

Thanks again Ivo.

- Matt W


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