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Success: Continued with a keeper striper, sea perch, skup, sea bass and finally…

“I ordered your viper spoon assortment pack along with the t-turn swivels and I was more than surprised with the results.

We were fishing off Beavertail in R.I. on Saturday and we caught everything under the sun with this lure!

We started with a bluefish and continued with a keeper striper, sea perch, skup, sea bass and finally, what we were actually fishing for… Fluke. We caught a couple of keeper sized fluke and missed a few others.

We caught so many fish on this day we almost forgot to eat lunch and we stayed out on the water for more time than we ever have. Living in Hardwick, MA it’s a long haul back home to clean fish so we usually want to get off the water early. Not with the Viper spoon… We stayed all day and the action couldn’t have been better!

I have never written a review for any other lure but just had to let you guys know about my experience. Thanks!

And by the way… I used 20lb. fluorocarbon to the viper and 15lb mono to the weights. When I got hung up on bottom I only lost the weight. Only once did we lose a viper spoon… we ran out of fluorocarbon and had to use 15 lb on both lines.

So… now I need to have more spoons. Lucky you.”

- Jeff

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