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Spring Fishing for Pike

Fishing for pike any time of the year is very exciting and spring fishing for pike is outstanding. Pike are active all year round, and many anglers target pike while ice fishing. Once the ice clears out in the spring, and the water begins to warm, pike will make their way into warmer water getting ready to spawn.

The Best Place to find Pike

Thus, the best place to find pike during the spring is in back bays with shallower water. Marinas for example, are great locations to find pike. Marinas are generally located in protected areas & the water typically warms up sooner.

Effective Ways to Catch Pike

Pike Fishing

Pike Fishing

One of the most effective ways to catch pike during this time of year is to fish suspended with the use of a bobber. Typically, you would leave about 3 to 4 feet of line below your bobber to your baited hook.

It’s best to use live bait or cut bait, but artificial bait will work as well – it just needs to be fished differently. You can let your live bait or cut bait sit in one spot, while you are waiting for a hit – but artificial bait will need to be moved.

When using artificial bait, 3 to 4 feet below your bobber, you would cast it out, let your line settle, then pull your bobber toward you a foot or so, then pause & let your line settle again. Continue with this process until you have retrieved you bait & then cast out again and do this again.

Best Casting Practices

You should vary your casts into different areas, in order to cover more water, and if you are using artificial baits below your bobber, be sure that your artificial bait remains in a horizontal position, as that is most natural and will provoke more strikes. The artificial bait that works best is any soft plastic, minnow imitator style bait. Scented is better that unscented.

The best line to run to your hook when fishing for pike is steel wire line. If you run monofilament line to your hook, chances are you will get cut off. You can use pre-rigged steel leaders, but those tend to be a bit “bulky”. The best scenario is to tie your own steel wire leader.

This way, you can down size on the line and it will be less visible to pike. You can also make your leader as long – or short – as you like. As an added point, you can take a black permanent marker and run it along you steel line leader, which will blacken it and help make it even less visible.

Float (bobber) fishing for pike in the spring is one very effective way to catch some pike and have some fun. Further, pike are also great to eat, as they are delicious. If you have not seen our pike cleaning video, be sure to check it out here as it will show you a very easy way to get 5 boneless fillets from a pike.

Until next time, good fishing!

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