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-Special Update- December New Fishing Lure Update

Hello again everyone. Well, we are gaining momentum on the completion of our lures and as a company, we are enjoying both the experiences and the challenges that come along with the production of our first-run lures.

Currently, we are at a point where 2 out of the 5 lures (gold & silver colors) will be ready by the end of December, so we will still have three outstanding lures - these are the painted ones. They will need more time due to the availability shortages of some of the components and to set up the painting processes for the first time. We are working to expedite delivery of these as soon as possible. Of course once this is established, the ready date for all the lures will be immediately announced.

We are getting closer, but unfortunately 2 out of 5 lures just won’t cut it. We require ALL FIVE lures to be available before we can showcase and sell them on our new up-coming website.

With the first-time production of any product, there can be some hurdles to overcome. We are fortunate, however, that the production people have been outstanding as a team, making things move along quite well. Once all the lures are completed, we will then be in a great position for mass producing all subsequent orders in a more timely fashion.

This is still an exciting time for Thundermist Lure Company as we are looking forward to receiving our first packaged lures: gold & silver colors, in five sizes and in two different models.

P.S. many thanks to all our readers and for those who have signed-up to receive our e-newsletter. We appreciate all your comments!

I hope you have a great holiday season!


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