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Smallmouth Bass and Gag Grouper?

Although the smallmouth bass may be a fresh water fish, it does have a lot in common with the salt water Gag Grouper – and the month of November is a fantastic time to catch both of them! Let’s take a look at a very effective method on how to catch the Gag Grouper as well as the fall time Smallies.

If you love to fish salt water, than you must love to catch gag grouper. Not only are they fun to catch, but they also make for great table fare. November is a fantastic time to key in on gag Grouper as well as Small Mouth Bass, as they start to school up during this time, and they go on a “feeding frenzy”.

One of the most effective ways to catch Gag Groupers and Small mouth bass at this time of year is with your favorite Jigging Spoon. We, of course, like the Boa Jigger jigging spoon, as it will accommodate bait, has an erratic fall & a built in clacker – all key features to put more fish in your live well.

During November, the Gag Grouper will move into depths of 20 to 60 feet, and the Small Mouth Bass will do the same – in fact, on Lake Erie, you will find a heavy concentration of small mouth bass in the 40 and 50 foot range.

Look for points or underwater shoals/drop offs or rocky areas, as the Gag Grouper and Small Mouth Bass will key in on these areas and start to feed-up in preparation for the upcoming winter. A Boa Jig’r rigged with a cut strip of squid is irresistible to the Gag Grouper, where as a Boa Jig’r and an artificial worm is a great combination for Smallmouth Bass.


As for how heavy your jigging spoon should be, take in to account how fast you are drifting and how deep you are fishing. Generally, for Small Mouth Bass, I like to use a ½ ounce Boa Jig’r, but only if there is no drift. If I have a nice drift going, I’ll jump to a 1 oz Boa Jig’r & if the winds are strong and I’m fishing deep, I’ll use a 2 oz Boa Jig’r without hesitation.

For the Gag Grouper, the 2 oz Boa Jig’r would be where to start and if you have a decent drift/tide, then a 3 oz or 6 oz Boa Jig’r would be a great choice!

These fish are on the bite & big baits are a great choice this time of year. So snap on your favorite jigging spoon and get ready to have a great day on the water.

As always, until next time, good luck and good fishing.


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