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Saltwater Fishing with your Viper Spoons: Informative Suggestions to Help you Catch More Fish

Hi folks, here are some points to consider when using your Viper Spoons for some saltwater fish. The information given may answer some questions that you may have about how to use your Viper Spoons regarding: rig set-up for certain species, baits and how to bait your Viper, fishing methods for certain species.


Please note that where only 2 hooks are permitted in some locations, the last hook on the Viper Spoon containing a 3 hook harness may easily be snipped off and will not affect the lures’ action.

Viper Spoons will flutter nicely just by drifting from your boat provided that there is enough drift speed. As long as your Viper is rocking from side to side, it will have enough motion to provide reflection and reveal the color pattern that you need to attract fish.

While fishing, just hold the rod steady in your hand and watch the rod tip (or you may place it in a rod holder) - the Viper will do the rest as you relax and wait for a bite. You may want to try working one rod on the bottom using a 3-way set-up and a second rod to fish suspended by flat lining.

I have taken many fish using this tactic and I have also written an article on this. Folks fishing from kayaks can easily try this “double drift system” as well.

If the drift is slower for your larger Vipers and you don’t wish to troll, try a smaller size Viper as a back-up plan (will suspend better because it’s lighter but you’ll have to scale back on your bait size as well).

“Freshwater Fishing with your Viper Spoons” section is coming soon!

Fishing Methods

Fishing for a Particular Fish

Baiting and Maintaining Viper Spoons

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