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Quick Information on Custom Rod Making

Whether you are an avid shore angler, or if you enjoy fishing from a boat – either way, fishing with a custom made fishing rod has many benefits.

1) Line Guides/Eyes

Most fishing rods come with a standard number of line guides/eyes. When you custom build your own fishing rod, one of the advantages is that you can add as many line guides/eyes that you want.

With more line guides/eyes, this will allow your fishing rod to evenly absorb more pressure, which in turn takes stress off your fishing line.

You are also able to pick & choose which brand/style of line guides/eyes that you want. Good quality line guides/eyes are a must.

2) Length and Strength of Fishing Rod


When you custom make your own fishing rod, you now have the option to make a sub-standard length. For example, if a 6 foot 3 inch rod is what you need, that may be very difficult to find – so why not build it & get exactly want you want?

Also, you can now custom make your fishing rod and tailor the “strength” or the “power” of the rod to your liking. You may want to have a 9 foot rod with light action or a 5 foot rod with heavy action. Custom making your own fishing rod gives you the opportunity to do so.

4) Balance your Custom Fishing Rod to your Favorite Fishing Reel

Another key advantage of custom making you own fishing rod is that you can take you favorite reel & place it in the perfect area to balance off your rod.

5) Pride & Satisfaction

Along with the benefits noted above, making your own fishing rod will give you a sense of pride & true ownership. It’s a great thing to do off season and could become a very interesting and rewarding hobby.

6) Growing in Popularity

At a recent fishing show in New York, I was amazed at how many people were buying rod blanks & components to make their own rods. I also found out that it is not a difficult thing to do.

If you are interested in making your own fishing rod, be sure to look for a local shop that specializes in rod making and they can easily help you get started. There are even instructional videos available as well.

If you do not have a local shop nearby, a quick search on the intranet should pop up many choices!

Until next time, good fishing.

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