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Special Video Feature

How to Find your own Worms and Keep your Worms Lively


We have had a few people write to us asking for the easiest way to find worms. Of course you can go to your local tackle shop, but if you are unable to do so, here are a few easy ways to find your own worms. Read More »

Video - Carp Fishing at the Niagara Whirlpool - Vintage Unseen TV Footage


Hello everyone, this week we have a special video for you. Last year we aired a television show called “Thundermist Fishing Tips”, it aired on the Sportsman Channel from coast to coast within the USA as many of you have seen. Read More »

Video - How to Rig Your SP1 Viper Spoon - Rigging With Live and Artificial Bait


This week we have a highly requested video on how to rig an SP1 sized Viper Spoon with many different bait examples from a live natural worm to an artificial leach. Read More »

Video - How to Spool Braided Line onto your Reel Properly


Hello everyone, this week we have another great video for you on how to spool braided line onto your spinning reel. Many people have asked us to give a demonstration on how we spool up with braided line. Read More »

Success: Massive Trophy Pike measured at 49.5″ Caught on Python Darter


I caught this one on Reindeer Lake in Saskatchewan with the 1oz Chartreuse Python Darter. First fish of the day. Measured 49.5″ and maxed out the 25 lb scale. - Kevin S Read More »

Video - (Better Version) How to Spool Line onto your Reel - How to Prevent Fishing Line Twist


A long time ago we made a video on how to spool a spinning reel to prevent line twist: however it was at low quality, and was hard to see the line. Read More »