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Special Video Feature

Video - How to Steak Bluefish - Bluefish Filleting and Cleaning


We have two great videos planned to start off the new year with. The first one is how to steak a bluefish. One of our favourite ways to have bluefish is to BBQ up a nice thick bluefish steak. Read More »

Video - How to Rig Your SP2 Viper Spoon - Rigging With Live and Artificial Bait


This week we have a highly requested video on how to rig an SP2 sized Viper Spoon with many different bait examples from a live natural worm to an artificial. Read More »

Having trouble catching trout at your local lake?


Viewer question: I have been having trouble catching trout at my local lake. The lake has been stocked with rainbow and Nebraska Tailwalkers up to about 8 in size. The lake is very clear and the water temp is around 60* right now. There’s a lot of underwater vegetation all over the lake with steep drop off closer to the center of the lake. The lake is about 80 feet deep. I am thinking of trolling the lake. What would be the best trolling set up for the type of situation? Thank you. Jason. Read More »

Smallmouth Bass and Gag Grouper?


Although the smallmouth bass may be a fresh water fish, it does have a lot in common with the salt water Gag Grouper – and the month of November is a fantastic time to catch both of them! Let’s take a look at a very effective method on how to catch the Gag Grouper as well as the fall time Smallies. Read More »

Video - How to Fillet a Fluke - Flounder/Fluke Cleaning


This week we have a short but excellent video for you showing you how we like to clean out fluke/flounder. Read More »

3 Important Tips when Using Live Bait


With such a large variety of artificial baits now available to us these days, there’s always a time and a place where live bait is still your best choice for a great day on the water. Read More »