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Special Video Feature

Video - Saltwater Jigging for Striper and Bluefish using Bucktails and the Boa Jig’r


This week we have an action-packed video showing you a great day out on the water, as we catch fish after fish using bucktail jigs and boa jig’rs! Read More »

The Boatless Angler – Chapter 11.2 - Shoreline Bass Fishing with Artificial Lures


In Chapter 11.1, a series of key hard-bodied and soft-bodied artificial baits for bass were discussed, in this and the upcoming articles we will talk about both the application and technique of these lures. Read More »

The Boatless Angler – Chapter 11.1 - Shoreline Bass Fishing with Artificial Lures


You don’t need a boat to have a fantastic day of bass fishing or to land yourself a huge trophy bass all you need is a few tips and tricks in your tackle box. Read More »

Video - How to fillet Walleye - Walleye Cleaning


Hello again folks. This week we’d like to present to you another great video, this time on how to fillet those delicious walleye. Read More »

Video - Guide to using the T-Turn Swivel


Here we explain how to use the famous T-Turn 3-way swivel. We show you how to use the swivel for trolling, bottom bouncing / fishing from shore, as well as how to use the T-Turn when fishing with live bait. Read More »

Video - Shore Fishing for Brown Trout


We were fishing down on the shore for those brown trout. Read More »