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Special Video Feature

Video - How to Spool a Bait Casting Reel


This week we have a highly requested video for you guys: how to spool up a bait casting reel. Read More »

Video - Using Homemade Roe Bags to Fish For Trout from Shore


Last week Ivo and Antonio showed you how to tie your own roe bags, and this week’s video shows Ivo and Antonio fishing for trout using their homemade roe bags. Read More »

Video - How to Tie Roe Bags


This week we share with you two different methods on how to tie your own roe bags. Roe bags are often used while fishing for trout, and are a bait to use! Read More »

Video - Using the Viper Spoon to Catch Sea Bass and Fluke


This video is a follow up to our last special edition video, the seminar which took place at the Somerset NJ fishing show where Ivo spoke about how those fluke and founders. Read More »

The Boatless Angler – Chapter 11.3 - Shoreline Bass Fishing with Artificial Lures


This next hard-bodied bait is another common and effective lure for bass fishing; the topwater lure (Be sure to check out Chapter 11.1 as it discusses the type, size and colour of topwater lure that works best from shore). Topwater baits provide a combination of aggressive and finesse fishing and require a degree of technique. In this article we will go over some of the basics and of course the tips and tricks to catch you more bass! Read More »

Video - Special Edition: Fluke Flounder Fishing Tips Seminar at Somerset New Jersey


This week we have a very special video. Ivo gave a full 45 minute seminar at the Somerset New Jersey fishing show in 2010. The topic was Fluke/Flounder fishing. Read More »