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Special Video Feature

Spring Shore Fishing for Bullhead and Big Channel Catfish


It’s early spring, and the weather is starting to warm up. This makes it perfect for spring bullhead and channel catfish. Read More »

The Different Types of Spinner Bait Blades, and What That Means to Your Day on the Water


Hello folks, today I’d like to share with you a quick tip on the different types of spinner baits. More specifically, the different type of spinner bait blades, and what that means to your day on the water. Read More »

How to Fillet a Shark - Simple Way to Clean a Shark


Hello folks! Today I’d like to share a quick video on one way to fillet a shark. Read More »

Big Early Season Walleye and Trout - Flexi Jigs and Live Minnow T-Turn Rigs


Hello folks, today is a great day. It’s the first day we’re able to get back out onto the (non-frozen) water - and boy did we have a great day! Read More »

NEW! The Teaser-T - The First Ever Inline Teaser Rig for Saltwater and Freshwater


Brand new and nothing out there like it – The all new Teaser-T is an in-line Teaser, which freely spins 360 degrees and takes drop-shotting to the next level. Read More »

Special: Unexpected Sturgeon Footage in British Columbia


Hello folks, today I’d like to share something different with you. Read More »