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Special Video Feature

How to Catch Weed Walleyes Using Bucktail Jigs | Tips and Advice


Hello folks, today we’re out on the freshwater with Antonio in the Kawartha lake region, fishing on Sturgeon Lake for those lovely weed walleye. Read More »

How to Catch Big Carp Using a T-Turn Sliding Sinker Rig


Hello folks. Today I’d like to share a video about how to catch carp using a T-Turn sliding sinker rig, and the benefits of this set up. Read More »

How to Catch Worms - Catching Nightcrawlers at Night


Hello folks, today I’d like to share a few quick tips on how to catch worms at night, specifically Nightcrawlers. Even catching worms can have little tips and advice. Read More »

Trolling for Lake Trout Using the Prototype Thundermist Crank Bait, the American Smelt Series


Hello folks! Today we’re out here with the Boatless Angler himself, and we’re fishing Lake Ontario close to the mouth of the Niagara River, trolling in about 20 feet of water. Read More »

Fish Fighting Techniques | Tips to Help you Land More Fish


On today’s quick tip, I want to talk briefly on catching fish, landing fish, and fighting fish. Read More »

Spring Shore Fishing for Bullhead and Big Channel Catfish


It’s early spring, and the weather is starting to warm up. This makes it perfect for spring bullhead and channel catfish. Read More »