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Special Video Feature

Our Boat Was Hit from Behind by a Car!


It was suppose to be a good fishing, but instead our boat got hit from behind from someone a bystander saw texting while driving. Read More »

How to Use a Planer Board - Trolling with Planer Boards


Today I’d like to share how to use a planer board, and gives tips while using a planer board to troll for walleye. Read More »

Tips on Catching Blue Cats


Today we’re out on the water of James River Virginia evening fishing for blue catfish. Read More »

How to Catch Mackerel


We’re out here today in Cape Cod, on calm waters jigging for mackerel, and we’d like to show you how to catch mackerel. Read More »

How to Troll for Smallmouth Bass (With Fast Fish-Catching Action)


Today we’re out on the water with Enzo out on Lake Eerie’s eastern basin at 5am, trolling for smallmouth bass. Read More »

Fast Sea Bass Multi-Header Jigging Action!


Welcome to today’s episode of Thundermist Fishing Tips. We have a gorgeous day with the perfect amount of wind and chop our here on the saltwaters. Today we’re jigging for sea bass with one of my favourite “one-two punch combo”, a bucktail flexi-jig with an in-line teaser-t! Read More »