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Special Video Feature

Catching Blue Catfish in James River, Virginia (With Cut Bait)


Today we are here in Hopewell Virginia at the James River with Captain Chuck as we’re going out for evening and night fishing for blue catfish. Read More »

How to Catch Crabs - Blue Crab Crabbing Tips


Today we have a slightly different episode, as we’re not technically ‘fishing’, but instead crabbing! We’re geared up with a very simple setup as we aim to catch ourselves some blue crabs. Read More »

Trolling Tips for Bluefish in Shallow Channels


Welcome to today’s bluefish catching edition of Thundermist Fishing Tips. Today we’re fishing in the wonderful North East coast and we’ll be trolling for bluefish. Read More »

Boatless Angler - Tips on Shore Fishing for Bullhead Catfish in the Spring


Welcome to today’s boatless angler edition of Thundermist Fishing Tips. Today we’re out on the shoreline fishing for bullhead catfish - which is a favourite of ours. Read More »

New! Stingnose Jigging Spoons (And Jigging Spoon Tips)


Hello folks! Today I’m very pleased to announce the release of a brand new line of products from Thundermist Lure Company - the new Stingnose Jigging Spoons! Read More »

What Catches More Carp, Corn or Boilies? (Shore Fishing for Carp)


I’m here with Antonio, the boatless angler today fishing for carp. When it comes to fishing the shore lines, there’s a lot of great boatless angler opportunities for carp fishing, especially along the shores of Lake Erie Ontario. Read More »