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Special Video Feature

Catching Carp in Clear Water and Catching High Pressure Catfish | Fishing Q&A


Today’s fishing Q&A is about catching carp in clear water and catching catfish in high pressure waters. Read More »

Catching Lake Trout with Live Bait on the T-Turn Bait Rig (Live Minnows)


Today we’re running with live bait (live minnows) on a dual T-Turn bait rig, and we’re fishing for lake trout! Read More »

Trolling for Sea Bass with the American Smelt Crank Bait


We’re back here on the saltwaters of Buzzards Bay. The winds were south-west all week, however today they have shifted and are now coming from the east. Read More »

Stingnose and In-Line Teaser Combo for Catching Smallmouth Bass


We’re going smallmouth bass fishing today! Read More »

Fishing Q&A - Pole Sizes for Surf Fishing, Treble Hooks or Single Hooks, and Rigs for Dock Fishing


Today’s Fishing Q&A is about pole sizes for surf fishing, treble hooks or single hooks, and rigs for dock fishing. Read More »

How to Catch Trout with a Yarn Fly (Bonus: How to Tie a Yarn Fly)


We are out here on the lower Niagara River in the month of December, and today we’re looking for trout. Read More »