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Musky Madness: 5 Tips to Catch More Muskies

Musky are often referred to as the fish of a thousand casts, but that’s not always so. Muskies are in fact readily available! Here’s how you can land your share of muskies.

1. Tactics

You can certainly cast for muskies, but you can also drift or troll for muskies. When casting for muskies, big baits lures work well, but so do small lures. The difference is that if you use small lures, you may also catch types of smaller fish (like bass, walleye etc).

2. Lure Size

muskieSo, if you specifically want to avoid other incidental fish, stick with larger lures. If you don’t mind catching other fish while fishing for muskies, then smaller baits are a great choice. I know I took my largest musky while pre-fishing for a walleye tournament. I was using a very small, 1/8th ounce buck tail jig! I was extremely fortunate that I did not get cut off, as I was not using a wire leader.

3. Location

Muskies love weeds & rock as well. Working your lures/bait above weed beds or along weed edges can be very effective. When fishing from a boat, keep an eye on your fish finder to be sure you are fishing over weeds or along side of weeds. You will want to be sure that you spend your time in these high potential areas.

When fishing over rocky areas and points, its best to fish down deep, close to bottom as opposed to suspended. Those muskies will be hovering close to the bottom, relating to the rocks & cover, looking for a meal.

When fishing weeds, the muskies may be suspended as they can sit high in the weeds & still be able to ambush bait (or your lure!) but when fishing over a rocky, weed less bottom, the muskies will relate closer to the rock cover..

4. Line

Heavier line in order, and fluorocarbon leaders – at a minimum – are a must. Thin wire leaders are preferred as you will be assured not to get cut off.

If you are running braided line as your main line, the perfect set up would be that you have a fluorocarbon leader of about 10 feet off of your main braided line, and then followed by a 10 inch steel leader to your lure/bait. This will ensure that the musky will not be startled by your braided line and also prevent you from being cut off.

5. Rods

fishing-rodIn order to accommodate the heavier line as noted above, you will naturally need a heavier rod. A medium heavy to heavy action, 7 foot, one piece rod is preferred. It’s best not to go less than 6 feet long, when it comes to a musky rod.

Fishing for musky is very exciting & if you happen to hook into a big one, get ready for a battle and plenty of fun!

Until next time, good fishing

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