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Is it best to tie your jig directly to your fishing line?

Viewer Question: “When you are using jigs, is it best to tie the line directly to the jig and what about lures? - Galen J.”

When using jigs, you always want to tie your jig direct for a few reasons.

Tying your jig direct will make for a much more finesse presentation, which is very important when fishing with jigs.

It will look better to you, which means it will look better to the fish, and it will give you a direct connection to the jig, meaning more sensitivity to detect a hit…another very important point when fishing with a jig.

So be sure to tie direct to your jig, you will have a much cleaner presentation that will bag you more fish.

Regarding lures however, here is where you will want to use a snap or a snap/swivel and there are times one is better than the other.


Some of the key advantages to using a snap or a snap/swivel, rather than tying direct are: you are able to maximize the action of your lure; you can quickly and easily change lures; you have a strong connection that will take the abuse of any “friction”, from your line.

With any lures that “wobble” – i.e do not “Spin” – all you need to use is a snap. For any lures that “spin”, you will want to use a snap/swivel.

For lures that wobble, using a single snap will actually maximize the action of your lure. You do not need a snap/swivel as your lure is not “spinning” so there is no risk of line twist. So the snap swivel is not need in this case.

In fact, if you use a snap/swivel for “wobbling lures” the swivel will actually absorb some of your lure action. If you are concerned about line twist when using a “wobbling” type lure, you are better off to use a single snap to your lure & then tie a swivel in line, about 2 feet in front of your lure.

This will allow you to maximize the action of your lure, while simultaneously remove any threat of line twist.

However, when using any lures that “spin”, you will definitely want to use a snap/swivel combination. It’s the most convenient and is required to prevent line twist.

In either case, be sure to use a good quality snap or snap/swivel.

In summary, be sure to tie direct to jigs and use a snap or snap/swivel with the proper lures - you will be sure to catch more fish!

Until next time, good luck and good fishing.


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