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Important Information On Fishing Reels And The Instant Anti-Reverse Feature

Hello again folks. Time after time, it seems as though the question I am asked the most is “what’s the most important thing I should look for when buying a fishing reel“? After all, there are so many out there to choose from. This article focuses on one key feature.

Well, when looking for a reel, the first thing you should always look for is the instant anti-reverse feature. That means when you stop reeling, the reel handle should not be able to move backwards at all. Some reels do not have the instant anti reverse feature & there is plenty of “play” in the reel handle. This is bad news & is usually found in “cheaper” fishing reels.

If you do not have instant anti reverse on your reel, then each time you set the hook, the handle will slam back until it stops, “shocking” the gears in your reel. Eventually, your reel will start to deteriorate and then finally, it will break on you. Let’s hope it’s not the only reel you have in the boat, or you will be very upset. Further, the time lapse between setting the hook & having the handle swing back until it stops, could also find you missing fish.

The best reels have the instant anti-reverse feature, with no “play” in the handle. When you stop reeling, it stops instantly – with no back movement at all. Usually, reel manufacturers achieve this by using a “one way roller bearing” in the reel. When you set the hook, it’s instant & there’s no shock to your reel either. You will catch more fish and your reel will last longer & perform better.

If you don’t consider anything else when buying a reel, at least consider this.


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