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How to Tie Monofilament and Braided Fishing Lines Together

One of the most frequently asked questions is “what is the best way to tie monofilament line (or fluorocarbon line) to braided fishing line”. Here we’ll answer a lot of your questions on the subject.


The reason for the popularity of such a question on tying fishing lines together is mainly due to the fact that more & more anglers are using braided fishing line. I have talked about the benefits of using braided line in a previous article – there’s a time & a place for using braided linen & if you haven’t tried it yet, you should give it a try. (also, see my article “an amazing braided fishing line story” as I was made a believer).

Tying Braided Fishing Line to Monofilament or Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

One of my favorite ways to tie monofilament fishing line to braided fishing line, is to use the uni-knot. Just be sure to wrap your line 5 times through each loop & you will end up with a great connection. If you have never used the uni-knot, or are unsure as to how to, you can check out my uni-knot video which will show you how to do it…it very simple & easy to remember. I’m sure this will become one of your favorite knots.

The Uni-Knot will Not “Slip”

When using the uni-knot to tie monofilament line to braided line, you can be assured that it will not slip. The last thing you want is for your knot to give on you when you are fighting a fish – especially in a tournament!

The uni-knot will actually have both fishing lines digging into each other somewhat & griping each other, without compromising strength. Also, the uni-knot itself is not a real bulky knot, making it easy to cast & retrieve, without interfering with your main spool of fishing line.

Why Tie Monofilament or Fluorocarbon Line, to Braided Fishing Line?

With more anglers now using braided line, they are finding out that most braided lines are visible to fish. As such, it is important to tie on a monofilament, or better yet, a fluorocarbon leader - thus, the need to know how to do so.

How much leader line should I tie on?

As a general rule of thumb, an easy way to determine how much monofilament or fluorocarbon line to use as a leader line, is to simply take the length of your fishing rod & multiply that by two.

So if you are using a 6 foot fishing rod, then tie on 12 feet of leader line. Regarding this topic of “how much leader line to use”, there are many other tips I will share with you on an upcoming, new article.

Until next time, good luck on the water & good fishin’!

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