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How to Mark a Fishing Spot Without Electronics - Using a Fishing Marker or Buoy

Viewer Question: “Hey Ivo, I see how drifting can be a great way of finding and accessing many fish and fish species. You covered a few examples of how to “mark” a spot while drifting (GPS, and trolling motor), both seem to rely on technology. What can a starting out boater do to “mark” a spot while drifting if he/she doesn’t have the technology available, because like you said, there are areas where the big fish hold, and keeping on that same area is often the way to go :) Thanks - Antonio”

Antonio makes a good point with his question. You certainly do not need to rely on technology to work & mark your fishing spots. It is very common to use a “fishing marker” or “buoy” to mark your fishing spots. Here are a couple of typical markers:

Fishing Marker Fishing Buoy

To use fishing markers or buoys, you simply toss them over board once you are on your spot. These come with a weight, which will un-ravel the line. As these fishing markers or buoys are not perfectly round, they will stop un-raveling once your weight hits the bottom. This will keep your fishing marker or buoy, right on your spot.If you want to be thrifty & make your own fishing marker, simply tie a heavy weight to some string & then secure the string to an empty plastic jug. Just remember though, when you toss the jug over board that it will take all of your line. So, if your spot is in 20 feet of water & you have 60 feet of line, your marker will actually not be over your spot. Your weight will be on your spot, but your fishing marker will not.To avoid this, once your weight hits bottom, just tie off your line on the jug, preventing more from un-raveling.Although fishing markers and buoys come in bright colors, they are hard to find in the waves. Keep in mind that the higher the waves, the harder they are to find. Some fishing markers also actually come in camouflaged colors – some even are made to look like ducks, or sea gulls. These are used by tournament anglers to mark a spot that they do not want others to be able to see!Once your spot is marked, if you do not have an electric motor to work that area, simply drive your boat around your spot and then position well in front of it. Then, drift back over your spot. Be sure to drift the area to the left of your fishing marker, as well as to the right of your fishing marker by making multiple drifts. Your last drift should be right up the middle, which will allow you to also retrieve your marker. The fishing marker or buoy is also a great way to ensure you do not fish the same water twice.

One last point, if you feel that by tossing your fishing marker or buoy right on your spot will spook your fish, then mark the area right beside it instead. Then, adjust your drifts accordingly.

So if you’re just starting out & do not have all the technology on your boat – no problem – you can still get on fish, mark your spots & have a great day on the water.

Thanks again for writing in Antonio & good fishin!

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