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How to keep Reef Runners Down to a Desired Depth

Viewer Question: “Is there a way to keep reef runners down to the desired depth with jet divers and if so will they hold true.” - Jerry

Hi Jerry,

Nice to hear from you.

If you want to run reef runners with jet divers with accuracy to a desired depth, you can do so. The key will be that you will need to run both the jet diver & the reef runner, with the recommended line - and - you will want to be sure to let out the proper amount of line to your jet diver.

For example, you will want to use 15 lb mono with your jet diver & then measure exactly the length of line required to achieve the desired depth (as per the depth chart on the jet diver). A line counter reel is great for this.

As for the reef runner, usually they recommend 10 lb line to reach the depth that the reef runner is rated for.

If you follow these as a guide, you will be successful at achieving the desired depth and to maintain it, just troll at a steady speed.

Thanks for writing in and good fishing!

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