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How to Find your own Worms and Keep your Worms Lively

We have had a few people write to us asking for the easiest way to find worms. Of course you can go to your local tackle shop, but if you are unable to do so, here are a few easy ways to find your own worms.

1) Soak the ground

One of the absolute best ways to get worms is to soak the ground with water and the worms will come out at night. You will need a flashlight to find them. Use your flashlight to scan the ground and as soon as you see one, move the light away from him.

Worms are very sensitive to light, so if you keep the light on him, he will make a quick retreat back into the ground. Worms are also very sensitive to noise, so if you happen to move some grass around him, that will also send the worm quickly back into the ground.

Once you see a worm, you will then want to be quick and pinch him between your thumb & finger. At this point, begin to pull him carefully out of the ground, but do so on an angle, as they will come out much easier.


2) Other Methods

However, if you cannot wait for night, or you do not have water available to soak the ground, if you were to vibrate the soil, any worm on that area will come quickly come to the surface.

Otherwise, if you know of a compost pile anywhere - or perhaps you have your own back yard composter - you will find all kinds of worms in there, readily available. Worms love compost and thrive there. You may want to consider starting a compost pile at your home or cottage, so that they are always readily available.

Short of that, you will need to revert to digging soil or overturning rocks or leaves.

3) Keeping Worms

Once you have your worms, there are a number of easy ways to keep them lively & fresh. You can keep them in some light soil, mixed with saw dust. Or, you can put some grass and weeds in a container, along with your worms. Shredded news paper will even work.

Whatever you use, be sure that it is moist/wet and stays moist/wet. Then, simply keep your worms in a cool dry place – or a refrigerator – and they will keep very nicely. The last thing to consider is to put a lid on your worm container, or they will crawl out! Just be certain that your lid is not air tight – if it is, then poke some small holes in it.

Good luck with the worms & good luck on the water!

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