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How to Fillet a Tautog - Boneless Tautog Fish Cleaning

When it comes to saltwater fishing, saltwater fish taste fantastic. Tautog are one of the best out there. If you can get a hold of a tautog, you should definitely give it a try as it is a very very tasty fish.

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How to Fillet a Tautog - Boneless Tautog Fish Cleaning

Today we’re here to show you how to clean and fillet a tautog.

The first thing you should do is feel around for the pocket of meat around the cheek area. Cheeks are sometimes the best pieces of meat on a fish, and are often missed! They are about the size of a scallop, and just a tasty. Tautog’s are no exception.

Next we’re going to cut just behind the fin and the gills, similar to how most bass would be filleted. Following that, we’re going to run the sharp knife just under the skill along the backbone, not actually cutting into any of the meat but breaking along the skin.

Run the knife along the backbone, you should hear the ‘clicking’ of the knife along the spine. Cut down along the edges of the rib cage, keeping your knife nice a close as to not waste any meat. As you cut down, you’ll come to a little bump, or a hump. At this point you’ll want to just lift the knife and cut over the edge; this is a natural part of the tautog’s rib cage.

When over the hump, cut clean back towards the tail of the fish. Then slide the knife along the lower rib cage to get some of the lower meat. Cut off the fillet starting from the head and sliding down to clear off the fillet from the fish.

Now you’ll have yourself one, clean, meaty, boneless tautog fillet. At this point you can take the skin off, or leave it in on depending on how you’d like to store and cook it.

Of course, do the same fishing cleaning steps on the other side of the tautog and you’re good to go!

There are many variations on how to fillet a tautog. For example, you can leave the fillet on the fish, and use that to help take the skin off of the fillet. As sometimes taking the skin off can be tricky when the fillet is completely detached from the fish.

We hope this fish cleaning, tautog filleting video was helpful to you. Thanks for watching!

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Until next time, good luck and good fishin’!

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