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How to Catch Bluefish and Stripers, while Fishing for Fluke and Sea Bass - Part 2 of 3

Finally around noon, the conditions for my Viper Spoon was perfect. The drift was almost a little too fast for jigging but still doable. Any faster, we would have to throw in a drift sock or two.

(Continued from Part 1)

I set my jigging rod aside and pulled out a mackerel from the bait cooler. I prefer mackerel because it’s oily, full of scent and also is a common bait-fish in Cape Cod Bay which is not far from where we are. I filleted the fish and put the whole fillet on my SP5 Viper.

To ensure great action from my Viper Spoon, I impale the tail end (narrowest end) of the fillet through the hook closest to the spoon. Then, the other hooks are also impaled through the skin (and meat) down the middle of the fillet with the hook points being fully exposed.

The mackerel fillet was about 2 1/2 inches longer than the Viper harness and I purposely left it that long for more bulk.

My Viper Spoon Setup

Actually, my Viper set-up for bluefish (as well as stripers) is quite simple.

To the end of my line from the rod, all I do is tie on a snap - then snap on my Viper. That’s it. I know that blues and stripers will suspend, therefore, the weight of my baited Viper is all I need. I also know that if I let out too much line, my Viper will be close to the bottom and my intentions will be ruined because I’ll probably catch sea bass.

I tossed out my baited Viper and fed out probably around 50 yards of line. I was comfortable with that. I wanted it far from the boat but not near bottom. Then, set my drag so it wasn’t too tight and stuck the rod in the rod holder which was conveniently located beside me.

Now all I have to do is to go back to jigging for those bass. After a while the drag on the Viper Spoon rod was screaming… and the rod was bent right over. I loved that sound and knew exactly what it was.

I quickly heaved a bass onto the floor of the boat and set my jigging rod down to grab the Viper Spoon rod.

I got a great rush from fighting the fish as it was pretty strong and pealing drag occasionally. As I reeled it closer to the boat, I could see that it was a nice striper.


Initially, I thought I had a blue on… bonus!

Measuring at 32 inches, into the cooler he went.

Stay tuned for part 3.

Good fishing,

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