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How to Catch Bluefish and Stripers, while Fishing for Fluke and Sea Bass - Part 1 of 3

Although the weather can sometimes look scary to be out there in a boat, in my mind I know that the fish will be actively feeding. You just have to make the wisest call… whether to go… or play it safe and stay home. Over the next three parts I’ll tell you a true story on how I catch bluefish and stripers while everyone else is catching sea bass.

I have experienced great fishing in Buzzards Bay in early June.

We (my brothers and friends in the fishing party) pay close attention to the weather forecast.

Personally, I prefer fishing in overcast, gloomy weather with some wind to allow for a decent drift. Don’t mind the rain either. On weekdays there is always less boat traffic which is also to my liking.

So one morning we head out to find our target - those aggressive biting sea bass. One thing is for certain though… they aren’t everywhere.

The Black Sea Bass


Years ago, unfamiliar to these waters, we spent hours trying to locate fish. We did eventually find the black sea bass and they were holding in about 20 to 25 feet of water. They ranged in various sizes say from 1 1/2 pounds to some weighing probably around 7 pounds.

The big black sea bass are fun to reel-in as they put up a decent fight.

Since then, we always return to the same area every year expecting them to be there. Sure enough, they do come back to the same zone. That’s reassuring.

We finally get to the sea bass area and we’re all pumped and can’t wait to start fishing. Weather is warm, sunny, pleasant with calm winds. We’ll be employing the jigging method for the sea bass.

We were using a new jigging spoon designed by us (Thundermist) called the Boa Jig’r. A cousin of the Viper Spoon, it’s also designed to be tipped with bait. It even comes equipped with a clacker to help attract fish. It’s not on the market as of yet, but will be, in the up-comming months.


Armed with natural squid and many artificial soft plastics to tip the Boa with, all of the baits that I tried worked extremely well. Bites were fast and furious!

While fishing for the bass though, my mind was restless because I wanted to do something… but I couldn’t. I was hoping for a little more wind to speed up our drift.

Reason being, I wanted to drop an extra line in and try for a bluefish using my Viper Spoon.

All I would need is that extra push on the boat to allow my Viper Spoon to work properly. I really enjoy catching bluefish. I like how they bite and how they fight. The big ones put up an excellent fight with the odd one jumping to add to the thrill.

To me, they’re also great table fare. To some people, bluefish is too fishy… which it is… but myself, I actually prefer it.

Where - is - this - wind? We can’t troll because then we wouldn’t be able to jig.

As time went on, the wind was finally picking up and the waves were building a little higher as well.

Stayed tuned for part 2.

Good fishing,


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