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How to Avoid Line Twist - Additional Tip

Recently, Richard, (one of our readers) wrote: “Question: not a question, really more of a suggestion. The line twist video was right on the money, but I think you should add one more tip to it. Another big cause of line twist is reeling while the drag is going out.”

Richard has made such a very good and important point, that I thought I’d take this opportunity to expand on this. Any time you are fighting a fish, you should never reel in at the same time the fish is taking out your drag.

When the fish is peeling line & your drag is humming, just hold on & enjoy the fight. You may want to make sure that your rod is at about a 45 degree angle when this is happening, so that you are in a good position to respond when he stops taking drag, or if he begins a run towards you.

The main thing to remember is that your reel is designed to do one thing at a time – either you are taking line in – or the fish is taking line out. Trying to do both will not only create line twist, but it will also run the risk of breaking your line, due to the added stresses you are creating. This is yet another important thing to keep in mind. Creating line twist & breaking line while fighting fish, does not make for a good day on the water.

Thanks again Richard, for taking time to write in and contributing towards our bank of fishing knowledge.

Until next time, good fishin,

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