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How Do You Spool a Bait Casting Reel?

Viewer Question:  “How do you spool a bait casting reel?” Thanks, Joe.

There are a few key points to keep in mind when spooling up your bait casting reel and I’m happy to share some tips with you!

First of all, you definitely do not want to spool up your bait casting reel, in the same manner as your spinning reel. With your spinning reel, the line basically “wraps off” of your spool of line & “wraps on” to your spinning reel spool. (See video on spooling up a spinning reel)

However, when spooling up a bait casting reel, you want the line to “roll” off the spool of line & “roll” on to your bait casting reel. Most fishing line comes on a plastic spool, which has a hole through it.

Simply take a pen or pencil, and poke it through the hole. This will allow the line to “roll” off the spool. Thus, the spool of line will actually be spinning around as you are spooling up. Now, here is an important tip to make note of.

Take a look at the direction in which the spool of line is spinning in and then look at the direction that your bait casting reel spool is spinning in… these should match. For example, if your spool of line is spinning in a clock wise direction, then the spool on your bait casting reel should also be spinning in a clock wise direction.

Thus, your line will be rolling off in one direction, and then rolling on in the same direction. This will help ensure that there is no line twist & will help avoid birds’ nests.

When spooling up, also make sure there is a bit of tension on your line, as this will also help avoid birds’ nests and ensure that your line is spooling up properly. Further, it is best to use a heavier pound test line when spooling up a bait casting reel.

Heavier line is much easier to control on a bait casting reel and is very forgiving when it comes to birds’ nests. This is one of the advantages of using a bait casting reel, is that it easily accommodates heavier line. If you are just starting out, 20 lb monofilament line would be a good line to begin with.

There are other tips and factors to consider when it comes to bait casting reels. We have a number of other articles for you, which share many more tips. Here are some tips on bait casting reels and here is even more tips on bait casting reels.

Using bait casting reels can be a lot of fun. Until next time, we wish you all the best and good fishin’!

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