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How can the T-Turn, 3 way swivel get any better… by adding 2 more sizes!

A few months ago, Thundermist Lure Company introduced their new “perfect Series” line of tackle. The T-Turn was launched as the flagship product and demand has been so strong, Anglers have been asking for more sizes. As such, Thundermist Lure Company now has the T-Turns available in a new smaller size and a new larger size, opening up even more opportunities for use!

If the video doesn’t load you can view it here: The T-Turn Swivel

The new small size comes in at a rating of 35 lbs and is “perfect” for many applications where visibility is a factor – such as bottom bouncing for those “spooky” trout.

The new large size comes in at a rating of 85 lbs and is “perfect” for all large game fish – especially for those big salt water fish!

The medium size is a versatile size which was launched a few months ago. It comes in at a rating of 55 lbs. and is “perfect” for both small game fish, as well as large game fish.

Now available in 3 sizes, the “T-turn” will quickly become your favorite 3-way swivel.

Click here to get your own T-Turn swivels!

Consider these benefits and applications:t-turn-close-up

  • Greatly reduces/eliminates line twist
  • Greatly reduces/eliminates line tangles
  • A pleasure to fish with
  • No frustrations
  • Attractive design, black nickel finish
  • Very effective in helping to catch more fish
  • Strong / durable / dependable
  • Makes fishing time more efficient
  • Maximizes lure action
  • Center swivel turns freely, 360 degrees

At 35 lb., 55 lb., and 85 lb. capacity, the “T-Turn” contains 3 high quality, smooth performing, rolling swivels, which minimize line twist & maximize action. The middle swivel is “sandwiched” between 2 black beads, allowing for a free, 360 degree rotation - and the premium black nickel finish is somewhat camouflaged and great for use in both fresh water and salt water.

Many applications for use:thumb-t-turn-package-large

  • Use when trolling
  • Use when drifting
  • Use when still-fishing
  • Use when bottom bouncing
  • Use while casting
  • Use with lures
  • Use with artificial flies
  • Use with live/cut bait
  • Use with plastics

Whether casting, drifting or trolling – fishing from a boat or from shore – the T-Turn keeps your line tangle free. Even in varying - strong currents or tides, the T-Turns will keep your 3-way connection neat and “perfect” every time!

Versatile applications, great for all game fish… for use in:

  • Freshwater, saltwater
  • In current, tidal, or in calm water
  • Deep or shallow water


“I wanted to let you know that I fished the new T-turn swivel that you were kind enough to give me a package of this past Sunday for striped bass out in Long Island Sound. I was hoping to have been able to email you with some pictures but as luck would have it, I didn’t catch any fish Sunday morning but I was very impressed with the T-turn swivel.

I fished for 4 hours without a single tangle. It really made it simple. Thanks again for those… I may have to ask for a discount on some more of them because I will not use a traditional swivel now that I have fished yours.”
~ Matt W.


Anglers are going to absolutely love these 2 new sizes of T-Turns. Just tie on a T-Turn and get ready to enjoy the benefits of using such a great product!

As we say at Thundermist Lure Company… “Fish the good life”

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