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Fishing Underwater Humps, Shoals, and Structure - Part 2

The best times to fish the top of a hump/shoal are early mornings, early evenings, cloudy days, or windy days. Although you may find the odd fish at high noon, on a calm sunny day sitting on the top of a shoal/hump, it’s certainly not prime time & these fish will be few & far in between.

Best Times & Place to Fish

Rather, when it’s high noon & sunny, this would be the time to focus on fishing the “break” or even the base of the hump/shoal. Fish relating to humps/shoals will have a tendency to drop down to deeper depths during such conditions. They will relate to this structure & be looking for food and hopefully find your lure/bait.

If you only had one choice as to where to focus your fishing efforts on a hump/shoal, it should be the “break” (which is the area between the highest point on the hump/shoal & the lowest point on the hump/shoal). Fish love to relate to this depth change in structure and are always active.

Wind and Humps/Shoals

During windy conditions, active fish will be all around your hump/shoal. However, most of the fish will be located on the front of the shoal where the wind is blowing up against. Fish will be stacked on the windward side, looking for food to come there way.

If you are going to drift during such windy conditions, start your drift at the base of the hump/shoal & let the wind drift you towards the shoal. Most fish will be stacked up on the break, facing into the wind. Continue your drift over top of the shoal/hump as you will find some fish there also.

It’s worth continuing to drift over the back side of the hump, at least once, as there may be a few fish waiting there for any food to come over the hump & into their territory. However, most of your time should be spent on the windward side of the hump/shoal.

Maximizing Time on the Hump/Shoal

If the drift is very fast, and it’s moving you too quickly over the break, try using a drift sock or 2 drift socks, to help slow you down. These drift socks work great. Otherwise, if you have an electric motor, this is even better. With your electric motor, you can maneuver your boat & stay in prime water, right on the break. This method allows you to maximize your time in prime fishing water, focusing on the break & targeting active fish. Such strategies are the difference between catching fish and just fishing.

Cold Front Conditions

Should a cold front move in – or any other major weather change, those active fish will begin to drop down to deeper water, to those areas at the base of your hump/shoal. This would be a great time to work such areas & to do so very slowly. A finesse approach is definitely required. Once again, you can use your electric motor to move around the base of the hump/shoal, concentrating your efforts on the area where the break meets the bottom. This is prime water under such conditions, which will hold numbers of fish… the rest is up to you!

It’s great to spend time on the water & even better to spend as much time as possible in prime water.

Until next time, good luck & good fishin’

PS: you can read part 1 here - Fishing Underwater Humps, Shoals, and Structure - Part 1

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