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Early Proto-Type Testing - Huge Success!

Ivo, Claudio and I made our lure proto-type testing at Dufferin Islands, located off the upper Niagara River in Niagara Falls, but one early test was made on a lake at Grundy Provincial Park. It was late fall. Claudio and I took my travel trailer and headed north to make a camping / lure testing / fishing trip. We were making a preliminary test of all our lures. Motor boats were not allowed on the lake so we had to rent a canoe (which meant we had a lot of paddling to do).

Well, we ran into a problem with one particular lure size and by the time the problem was resolved, we only had about 2 hours of daylight left from our weekend! Although it seemed like we were on a typical “Lake Nuttn-tu-catch” and with little time remaining, we were hesitant even to try fishing… but we decided to anyway. So with our proto-type lures, we drifted with the wind into a bay and Claudio caught an insanely large yellow perch, and I landed about a 4 lb. pike – that was great!

The sun was quickly setting and the wind died down, so Claudio volunteered to paddle the canoe while I trolled our lure. What a blast – I had caught 6 decent pike (no hammer handles) that were just smashing my lure! This confirmed what we had already known: this was a “fish-catching machine”; all you need to do is find the fish.

Throughout our testing, our only company on this picturesque lake was a curious loon, and combined with the great fishing action, our trip-end can simply be described as… ‘awesome’.

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