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Do You Have Constant Line Twist?

Viewer Question: “I’m new to bass fishing with small plastic grubs 3-4″. My question is, the line seems to be a constant twist problem? I use 8lb. Stren or Triline but in no time, I am fighting twists. Any suggestions?? Thanks” - Steve

Hi Steve, Grubs work very well for bass, but line twist can be extremely frustrating. I would like to suggest a few points for you to consider, which will help avoid line twist.

Avoiding Line Twist When Spooling Up Your Spinning Reel

The first point is to ensure that the line was spooled on properly. There is a simple technique to follow. If your line was not spooled up properly, then you are certain to have line twist. We have a short video which shows the proper way to spool up your spinning reel, in order to avoid line twist. Just click here & this will take you to the spooling your spinning reel to avoid line twist video.

Rigging Up Your Twister Tail/Plastic Grub

The second point to consider is, the manner in which the plastic grub was inserted onto the jig head. In order to maximize action & avoid line twist, the curly tail of the plastic grub should be pointing in the opposite direction of the hook gap. Again, we also have a short video which explains this - just click here to go to the maximizing twister tail action while avoiding line twist video.

If All Else Fails

The third thing you can do - while you are in your boat - is to start trolling & let all of your line out of your reel. Be sure you have nothing on the end of your line when you do this. Troll for a few minutes & then stop trolling & reel in your line very slowly. This should also cure your line twist problem, but may only be a temporary fix.

One Final Option

Once you have confirmed that you have spooled up properly, and rigged the plastic grub properly, the other option is to tie a swivel about 2 feet above your jig/plastic grub. The swivel will absorb any twisting & keep your main line free (be sure to use a quality swivel).

Once in awhile though, you may come across a manufacturer that has produced a fishing line which is full of twist, right out of the box. These cases are rare but should you encounter this, there is no remedy other than returning the fishing line back to the store.

Try these methods & I am sure your line twist problems will go away. No need to change your choice of lines as both Stren & Berkley make very good fishing line. I am sure the videos will help.

Thanks for writing in Steve & all the best on the water!

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