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Black Sea Bass in Cape Cod… A Sure Bet

I took a Salt Water fishing trip to Cape Cod this past June (June 2nd-9th) along with my son, Ivo with his 2 boys, and a good friend Doug. We all fished from Ivo’s boat. Our prime target was Black Sea Bass. Knowing that these fish congregate in Buzzards Bay at this time of year, we quickly headed out around the Cape Cod Canal area of Buzzard’s Bay in around 20-22 feet of water depth.

Cape Cod
Beautiful Cape Cod

I was using our new lure and I intended to use it throughout the entire trip.Down goes the lure and 10 seconds later I had the first fish in the boat. It was a huge flounder of “door mat” status. As I looked at it, I pictured a nice fillet on my plate. Though, I had to release it because the season was closed until June 10th (darn).

Down goes the lure again, and seconds later up comes another flounder just slightly smaller than the first, though still quite large. Back in the water he goes (darn).

No one else caught a fish up to this point, so we decided to make a move to get out of the flounder zone. Again we stopped in 20 foot depth and started drifting. By the way, drifting was our preferred method to fish, which can be very effective when using our lure. In less than a minute, just about everyone had a fish on. We had found a good Sea Bass area.

Bucktails, jigging spoons, artificial & live baits were all working, though still couldn’t out-fish our new prototype lure. We were getting plenty of fish. It didn’t take long for other boats to join us including a party boat. This was clearly a good area with Black Sea Bass ranging from 3lbs to over 6 lbs.

Cape Cod Buzzards Bay
Buzzards Bay

The Black Sea Bass were near the bottom, so baits must be kept within 3 feet off bottom. Hook sizes could range from 1/0 to 6/0 as these fish have fairly large mouths. Don’t be afraid to set the hook hard: weak hook-sets can cost you your fish, and possibly your dinner. Once you drift away from the zone, go back to it and drift the area over & over.

I recommend using a GPS or a marker, as it comes in handy to re-locate the zone.

By early afternoon, we had our limit and it would be time to go back to our cottage and start cleaning our limit of Black Sea Bass. With 6 people in the boat, and 20 Black Sea Bass each, that was a lot of cleaning to do.

As a site note, the weather sometimes can get nasty around Cape Cod, and we did loose out on a few days of fishing but there is always something to do in this beautiful place. When we were able to get back out fishing, it was a re-run of great fishing, sometimes with bonus Blue Fish, Striped Sea Bass and Toutog, all in Buzzards Bay. Moreover, our lure flawlessly stood up against the many, very sharp teeth of Blue Fish: not one broke the lure, or damaged it.

Ivo was fortunate to spend an extra week before I came and he also tried fishing in Cape Cod Bay for Cod a few times. There, the water is deep & Cod are the dominant fish. Though most of the Cod turned out to be throw-backs during that extra week (the last week of May), there was no problem catching some keepers.

Cape Cod is an excellent fishing area. I highly recommend taking at least one trip.

‘til next time,

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