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Birds Nests and Bait Casting Reels

Viewer Question: “Question: I do a lot of bottom fishing from a boat but seem to get a lot of birds nest when dropping my line. I am using a 6 oz sinker. I have been told that I have too much line on my reel. Can you help with any tips? Thanks.” - Michael

Hi Michael,

Thanks for writing in - I’m sure we can help.

Your 6 oz. sinker should not fall “really fast”. If it is falling “really fast”, than the spool will end up spinning faster than the sinker is falling, thus creating a nasty birds nest. This is due to the momentum created by such a heavy sinker.

I suggest to tighten up on your brake a bit and slightly “thumb” your line/spool, as you sinker is going down. Also, there are some very good tips in the following two short articles for you, which will help solve this problem as well as give you more valuable tips which will help you prevent birds nests and will give you many tips on using bait casting reels.

1.  4 Quick Tips on Using a Bait Casting Reel

2.  4 (More) Quick Tips on Using a Bait Casting Reel

Please be sure to read these short articles as they will help you quite a lot. I bottom fish a lot from a boat, so I understand exactly what you mean.

Thanks again for writing in and be sure to write us back and let us know how you make out.

Until next time, good luck and good fishin’!

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