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Angler’s Guide to Spinner Baits - Part 7 of 7

Well, we finally made it to part seven of our spinner bait series and who knows – perhaps we saved the best for last?

Angler’s Guide to Spinner Baits
Part Seven of a Seven Part Series

Snaps, Swivels or Neither?

When attaching your spinner bait to you line, there is no need to use a snap/swivel. The blade on the spinner bait is already attached to your lure with a swivel, so this takes care of eliminating line twist and thus, no need for a snap/swivel on your main line.

So, safe to say you can tie the spinner baits on direct? You sure can – but who want to cut and re-tie each time you want to change lures?

Thus, you best bet is to simply use a snap. This will allow you to change your lures with ease and will accommodate your spinner bait very nicely.

Spinner Bait Colors

Color is such an important factor when fishing any lures, let alone spinner baits. Does color make a difference – you bet it does. It can be the difference between catching fish and just fishing.

Spinner Bait Skirt Colors

color_model_subtractiveSpinner bait skirts come in a variety of colors. The important thing is to cover your main basic colors – a green/chartreuse and a white. These are your “bread and butter” colors which will produce fish consistently.

Sometimes, you will see some skirts with some red mixed in them. These are also great to use, as game fish can relate red to an easy meal. Thus, white skirts with some red – or – a green/chartreuse with some red, make for a great combination.

You will also want some sort of darker color skirt as well. Black is a favourite as is blue. Again, these colors with a splash of red are great.

So long as you have these basic colors, you can now further change things by adding a trailer of some sort. Either a similar color trailer or a different color trailer…trailers add bulk as well as versatility in color.

Spinner Bait Blade Colors

Spinner bait blades will also come in a variety of colors & many spinner baits come with 2 blades. Of course you have your silver and gold colors, but you will also find some greens, oranges, pink, reds etc… Silver and gold blades should be a staple color for you.

A nice combo is when you have a two bladed spinner bait. One small painted blade followed by a larger silver or gold blade. I found that a small red blade followed by a silver blade is a fantastic combo – as is an orange blade followed by a gold blade.

A general rule of thumb is to use the silver/red combo in clear water and use the orange/gold combo in tea stained or dirty water.


I hope you have enjoyed reading all seven parts of this spinner baits series as much as I have enjoyed writing it. You are invited to drop us a line and leave a comment below, with any of your spinner bait tips, techniques or experiences.

It doesn’t matter if it is already contained in one of my articles, we’d just love to hear form you and our viewers would like to also.

As always, best of luck on the water & good fishin’!

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