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Angler’s Guide to Spinner Baits - Part 4 of 7

The most common style spinner bait blade is the Indiana style. There’s a reason why it’s so popular & commonly used, so let’s take a look at why.

Anglers guide to spinner baits
Part four of a seven part series

When to use

The Indiana style blade is somewhat of a hybrid. What do you get when you cross a Colorado blade with a willow leaf blade – well, the answer is simple – you get an Indiana blade.

Thus, the Indiana blade is not “short and fat”, nor is it “long and thin”. I guess you can say it’s kind of “chubby”. This style of spinner bait blade can be considered a general, all purpose spinner bait.

If you are going to fish a body of water you’ve never fished before, and you are not sure about the water clarity, then take along an Indiana style blade, spinner bait. It will not give off the most flash, nor vibration, but will somewhat accommodate both.


The advantage of using spinner baits with Indiana style blades is that you can use them in any type of situation. They give off some flash as well as some vibration. They sink at a moderate speed and allow you to “slow roll” them as well. (Slow rolling a spinner bait is when you are slowly cranking your spinner bait so that the blades are barely moving, and your spinner bait is not sinking)


Spinner baits with Indiana blades, can be worked slowly or quickly, or anywhere in between. You sacrifice some flash as well as some vibration, but you gain in versatility.

Feel free to try different retrieves/different speeds, until you figure out what the fish are keying in on.

Another alternative

Some spinner baits come with two blades. I nice combination to keep in mind is to look for spinner baits that have a small Colorado blade, followed by a larger willow leaf blade.

This combination of blades gives you the best of both worlds. Yu get the thumping form the smaller Colorado blade, followed by the flash of the willow leaf blade – dynamite!


If you had to choose only one style spinner bait, then choose one with Indiana blades. It will produce fish for you and allow you to fish many different ways, in many different bodies of water. However, if your tackle store carries two bladed models, then look for that Colorado/willow leaf combo.

Until next time, good luck on the water & good fishin’!

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