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Angler’s Guide to Spinner Baits - Part 3 of 7

In our last article, we keyed in on Willow leaf style blades on spinner baits. This time we will focus on the Colorado style blade and share some tips and techniques which will help you catch more fish!

Anglers guide to spinner baits
Part three of a seven part series

When to use

I guess the best way to explain a Colorado style blade is that it’s the opposite of a Willow leaf style. A willow leaf style blade, as you know, is long and thin - where as a Colorado blade is “short & fat”.

Thus, the Colorado style blade will produce less flash, but much more vibration. Thus, if you are using spinner baits in stained or dirty water, you will definitely want to use a one with a Colorado style blade.


booyah-double-coloradoVibration is one of the keys to fishing lures in dirty/stained water and the Colorado style blade gives off plenty. Fish can hone in on this vibration from a distance, giving you a clear advantage. The Colorado style blade also allows you to fish your spinner bait very slowly.

Hence the term “slow rolling your spinner bait”. If the fish are somewhat lethargic and need a slow presentation to trigger a bite, than the Colorado style blade is perfect. You can really work this style spinner bait very slowly, over top of weed beds or fallen timber. When you let it drop slowly and let it bump the timber, this is considered “slow rolling”.

“Match the hatch”

The Colorado style spinner bait is meant to resemble, short/fat bait fish. You will want to keep this in mind, and ensure that these types of bait fish are in your area and that fish are actively feeding on such bait fish.


Spinner baits with Colorado style blades, will naturally fall slower that a willow leaf style blade. Keep this in mind if you are trying to fish a certain depth - it will take you longer to get there. Typically, you would count the number of seconds it takes your spinner bait to get to its’ desired depth. Besides spinner bait blades, you will also need to keep spinner bait weight in mind.

When retrieving spinner bait with Colorado blades, there’s no mistake when it’s working. You will be able to feel the “thumping” with little ease. The minute a weed or something obstructs the action, you can tell instantly. Once this happens, quickly retrieve in your spinner bait and clean off any debris.


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