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An Effective Way to Catch More Fish - Using Stinger Hooks

When it comes to fishing, most people just use their live bait rig, lure or jig “as is”. However, if you add a stinger hook, you will definitely increase your chances of landing more fish.

1) What is a Stinger Hook?

A stinger hook is simply an additional hook that you add to your existing rig. You can buy stinger hooks, or simply make them your self by tying a short leader line to a hook and then connecting it to your lure, jig, or live bait rig.

Your leader line can be monofilament, fluorocarbon, or wire. If you are targeting toothy fish, you will definitely want to use a wire line to your stinger hook.

Otherwise, a fluorocarbon leader to your stinger hook is a great way to go. It is less visible to fish and more abrasion resistant. Otherwise, monofilament will also work well for you.

2) Why use a Stinger Hook?


Many times, fish will “bite short”. If fish are not aggressive, they will tend to nip at the end of your bait or lure. You feel the hit, set the hook, and catch nothing.

With a stinger hook, it typically trails your bait rig or lure, so when the fish do hit short – they find themselves getting hooked.

Also, many times, those larger fish seem to hit more cautiously, so a stinger hook just may help hook you a real lunker!

3) Where to use a Stinger Hook

Generally, you do not use a stinger hook on crank baits, as it may impede on the action and it could also get you snagged very easily.

When using jigs, a stinger hook makes a nice addition – especially if you are using live bait or cut bait on your jig. In this case, the stinger hook will help secure your bait in place, and typically does not effect the action.

Live bait rigs are also very effective when accompanied by a stinger hook and when using spinner baits, I always use a stinger hook

With a spinner bait, you simple slide your stinger hook over the hook point and barb of the existing hook. When doing this, you can use a small piece of plastic tubing, which will help keep your stinger hook in place.

Using Stinger hooks is a very effective way to hook and land more fish, so next time you plan on going out on the water, give a stinger hook a try.

Until next time folks, good luck and good fishing!

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