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Advantages and an Effective Set-up for Bottom Bouncing

Bottom Bouncing – one of the absolute best ways to troll or drift for any fresh water or salt water games fish, hanging around the bottom. There are many advantages to bottom bouncing that will definitely put you on to more fish and in this article, I will share the top 2 advantages with you.

Before we begin, let’s start with “key” terminal tackle.

When it comes to bottom bouncing, the key part of this system is your 3-way swivel and the T-Turn 3-way swivel is absolutely perfect to use in this application.

Many anglers love to bottom bounce, but always complain about the 3-way swivel getting tangled…well, not any more. The T-Turn will allow you to fish tangle free and it will also maximize the action of your lure or bait. The T-Turn, 3-way swivel is the key to bottom bouncing.

Let’s quickly look at the bottom bouncing set up.

The bottom bouncing system is simple and very effective. Tie your main line the “T-Turn”, 3-way swivel. Off the bottom of the T-Turn, drop a line, about 2 feet to a sinker.

Then, you can tie another line, about 2 ½ feet, off the middle T-Turn swivel, to your lure or bait. (The Viper Spoon would be perfect to use here). Now you’re ready to troll or drift or cast.

Advantage #1, for bottom bouncing

The big advantage to bottom bouncing is that it always keeps your lure or bait in the fish’s strike zone, which will maximize your time on the water as well as put you on to more fish.

If you were to troll with a lure, it would dive to a certain depth and then stay at that depth while you troll. However, if the bottom gets deeper, you lure may be too high and out of the strike zone.

Or, if the bottom comes up shallower, your lure will hit bottom and snag up. When bottom bouncing, your sinker always walks along the bottom, regardless of depth, keeping your lure or bait in the strike zone – always. This will maximize your time on the water and produce many more strikes!

Advantage #2

The other main advantage to bottom bouncing is that you can adjust and control exactly how far off the bottom, you want your lure or bait to be. When tying your sinker line, simply make that length as short or as long as you like.

If you want to stay close to the bottom, 2 feet of line to your sinker is recommended. However, if you have lots of structure you’re going over and you want to stay away from it, then you can go with 3 or 4 feet of line to your sinker and this will keep your bait or lure snag free.

For trolling, drifting or casting for any salt water or fresh water bottom game fish - bottom bouncing is the way to go. If you haven’t tried bottom bouncing yet, be sure to give it a try.

Check out this video on bottom bouncing for a bit more info about “Quick Secrets on Bottom Bouncing and then some Big Trout!”

If the video does not load, you can view it here: Quick Secrets on Bottom Bouncing

Until next time, good luck and good fishing!

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