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About Phil

As a kid starting out fishing for catfish, hooking a ‘gob-o’ smelly red worms on the end of my fishing line, to now starting up a new fishing lure company with my brothers, has given me a sense of accomplishment. All those years of fishing, almost literally, every week-end with my family has been a good learning experience - hooking my brother Ivo in the bare-back however, was not so good!

The awesome sport of fishing can be very addictive. A day of catching fish in the company of good friends, while enjoying the great outdoors just satisfies my soul – in good or crummy weather. The physical benefit of being outdoors just adds to the attraction.

I’ve learned a lot from my two older brothers and their different ways of fishing, and that many strategies and variables play a big part in catching fish.  But I believe in addition to that, two simple, very basic principles make a positive difference:

Firstly, concentration is key. Staying focused, knowing where and what your lure or bait is doing at all times is very important. Keep a watch on your natural bait, making sure it is always offered in a good, fresh condition. In other words, ‘keeping your head in the game’ will benefit your fishing success.

Secondly, having the confidence in the lure you are using goes a long way. If the lure or bait presentation looks good to me for the situation, I will anticipate a strike. Even though all lures will catch fish, a lure you want to use and believe in will catch you more fish.

When winter comes along, I look forward to going ice fishing as well. I work for an engineering firm and every year a group of fellow workers & I make a week-end ice fishing trip. We’ve fished and slept on a frozen lake in ‘ice bungalows’ rented from Rob Hyatt on Lake Nippissing - what a unique experience that is! We have always been lucky and caught a lot of fish even when the fishing forecast was predicted to be slow. There is nothing like a walleye fish-fry to top-off a great day’s end too.

Weather it’s seriously fishing with my two brothers for game fish, fishing with friends on a northern canoe trip for pike, or casting out a worm & bobber for pan fish with my wife & kids… it’s ALL good.

Fish on,